Help ReSurf help underprivileged children all over the world.

Set up an Initiative program in your school, college, or just if you are a group of philanthropic individuals making a difference. ReSurf will assign you a team leader and help you every set of the way.

The program will include:

  • Monthly or Bi monthly meetings
  • A drive to get donated surfboards, film equipment, GoPro and other digital cameras, computers, wetsuits, board shorts, and other surfing accessories.
  • Workshops in;surfboard clean up, ding repair (lead by professional ding repair craftsman) and surf-board art (lead by professional street artist),
  • Planning an event to create awareness and sustainability
  • Joining us for a trip to kick off a project

The Journey social entrepreneurial program not only be meaningful and fun but it will also teach you how to truly take a project from start to finish. Helping you take your Philanthropic dreams to the next level.

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