ReSurf and The Mural Alliance Project

ReSurf and The Mural Alliance Project

“The ReSurf Process,” is an 8-step process that serves the community and its participants for generations to come through mentorship and surfing. Step five of “The ReSurf Process” involves “doing ding repair, surfboard art, and design.” Incorporating surfboard art in the process inspires creativity in the children and also gives them confidence when riding their new equipment. Many of the donated surfboards are old and discolored, but a few spray cans and a creative mind can make them appear brand new. The Mural Alliance Project, of the San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance, was kind enough to send down two extremely talented artists to the recent ReSurf project in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Saratoga Sake and Jose Venegas came down to the event and helped the ReSurf crew bring these boards to life.

Alliance 1

The Mural Alliance Project is an organization that educates and inspires youth to channel their creative energy through the arts and a mural program to benefit the community. “The Mission of The Alliance is to take the creative talent and need of the population that is driven to acts of graffiti vandalism and redirect that energy into something sustaining and beneficial for the community as well as their individual lives” – Cait Boyce, CEO of The Center For Restorative Justice and an advisory board member for The Mural Alliance Project added, “By educating them and working with the schools, the police, and probation departments, our goal is to find a safe haven and an artistic outlet for these young artists.” The youth should not be criminalized for expressing their artistic ability. The Alliance educates youth, but also protects its artists.

Saratoga SakeSaratoga Sake giving some tips to the local kids of Rosarito Beach at the recent ReSurf event.

Saratoga Sake is a San Diego graffiti legend, as well as an incredible artist. Sake is also a two-time EMMY award winning artist to boot. At the event in Rosarito Beach, Sake did original sprays on several boards but also created a masterpiece of a mural on the wall of the new ReSurf Resource Center, at the Boys and Girls Club. It was an honor to have an artist of Saratoga Sake’s caliber come down to the ReSurf event and create such a positive and lasting impact with his art. You can view more of Saratoga Sake’s work at his website.

Sake MuralMuralThe new mural at the ReSurf Resource Center, courtesy of Saratoga Sake. 

Jose Venegas is an exceptionally gifted graffiti artist from San Diego, California. Jose is also the production manager at “Writerz Blok”. Writerz Blok is a unique art program that uses muralism, urban art, screen printing and disc jockey training to educate and provide opportunities for youth. Jose was generous enough to come down to Rosarito Beach and lay down some breathtaking sprays on the donated surfboards. The kids were beyond stoked with the final products.


Work of art Jose Venegas, turning trash into treasure.

A huge THANK YOU is in order for The Mural Alliance Project. They were tremendously helpful at the ReSurf initiative in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. They are a selfless bunch that sacrificed their time to come down to the event and help change the lives of many children through art and surfing. Special thanks to the founder of The Mural Alliance Project, Linda Sheridan, as well as Cait Boyce, Saratoga Sake and Jose Venegas.

Not tall enough                                                                       Boards Rosarito



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