ReSurf Rosarito

ReSurf Rosarito

STOKED IN BAJA – submitted by ReSurfer, Shane Roeschlein

On June 22, 2015, ReSurf debuted our west coast chapter in picturesque Rosarito, Baja, Mexico at The Club de Niños y Niñas de Rosarito (Boys and Girls Club, Rosarito Chapter). Run by Rosy Torres, a spirited and generous leader in the local community, the Boys and Girls Club is a natural partner for ReSurf. As partners, ReSurf and The Club share a lasting commitment to inspire, engage and facilitate positive change in the lives of underprivileged teens through community outreach, education and volunteer work.

Rosarito and the coast of Northern Baja is an enchanting surf spot, frequented by surfers from Southern California and all points of the compass. ReSurf Rosarito facilitates learning in a surf-positive environment where club members will be immersed in surf culture. Members learn filmmaking, video production and web design. Ocean stewardship, sustainability and volunteerism are also at the core of ReSurf’s mission.

At the kick-off event, ReSurfers learned about carpentry and the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) ethos in a fun, group-build of the club’s Surf Shack.

Rosarito Photo 01

Artists from the Mural Alliance project like Saratoga Sake and Jose Venegas from Writerz Block volunteered their time and talents to created custom murals for the shack and painted the first round of boards for the club.

Rosarito Photo 02

Our friends from Baja Surf Club hosted a series of surf lessons alongside local philanthropist and Rosarito surfer/surf instructor, Carlos Luna, owner of The Locales Surf Shop . The afternoons and evenings were spent riding those legendary Baja waves with fellow ReSurf Rosarito club members and pro surfers from Super-brand, Reef and 20 teen volunteers who all came on a bus from San Diego.

Rosarito Photo 03

We celebrated in the evenings with a rad group dinner, bon fire and music.

ReSurf Rosarito was made possible by the generosity of ReSurf Ambassadors like, The Katz Family (Kathy, Max, Zach and Arielle) and the time and resource contributions of more than 250 volunteers from San Diego, Ca. who participated in the ReSurf Teen Initiative program, who collected, refurbished and decorated over 200 donated surfboards.

ReSurf founder, Oran Bendelstein is stoked about ReSurf Rosarito. “We’re thrilled about the future our new club at the Boys and Girls Club in Rosarito and are looking forward to our newly incorporated syllabus that includes ocean stewardship, art, video and digital design for web. By giving ReSurfers all the tools that go along with the culture of surfing, this is just the beginning of building a solid foundation for a strong future for the kids in Rosarito.”


Want to help? Three ways you can get involved with ReSurf!

  1. Donate directly to ReSurf to support Video Production programs and additional surf resources for ReSurf Rosarito.
  2. Got an old surfboard you’d like to pass on to a young surfer? We’ll make arrangements to have it picked up! To donate equipment, click here.
  3. Become a ReSurf Ambassador by hosting your own ReSurf fundraiser. Learn how at CrowdRise.

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