ReSurfer of the Week: Rosy Torres

ReSurfer of the Week: Rosy Torres

Submitted by Anna Idler

When I ask Rosy Torres what her favorite thing about her job is, there is zero pause in her simple, yet passion-filled answer.

“Seeing my kids every day,” she says, without skipping a beat. “Coming into the Club, and getting to see these kids just being kids.”

Rosy Torres is President of the Club De Niños y Niñas de Rosarito (the Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito) in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The Club is patterned after Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a national organization of local chapters that provide after-school programs for young people.

Torres first got involved with the Club after her father, former Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres, mentioned the new organization to her around the time of its inception in 2008. An active philanthropist, Torres welcomed the chance to get involved and immediately fell in love with the Club, its ideals, and the wonderful children involved.

The Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito’s current mission is to create a safe place for Rosarito’s youth between ages 6 through 16. The Club’s volunteers and staff work hard to help the local youth develop positive habits and support their intellectual and social growth through fun, educational programs, and activities.

The Club operates from a clubhouse near the Rosarito Beach Hotel as it continues fundraising for its plans to build a permanent facility. It serves about 100 children currently, and once this new club has been created, the number will grow immensely.

The new club facility will be located in the northern section of Rosarito, an up and coming portion of town but one that currently very drug-addicted, and home to underprivileged families. Torres hopes the new facility there will promote positive change, and give local children and their families a caring, protective environment to turn to.

In late June of this year, ReSurf volunteers arrived in Rosarito to work with Torres to establish a ReSurf chapter at the Boys & Girls Club. ReSurf stayed for three days and hosted various exciting activities with the Club’s kids, including surf lessons, fun lessons on how to keep beaches clean, informative sessions on photography and filming, and spray-painting designs on surfboards – a favorite of the Club kids according to Torres!

“The kids loved ReSurf,” Torres says. “The days were full, full of activity from nine in the morning until nine at night! Everyone had a fantastic time.”

While in Rosarito, ReSurf volunteers interacted with numerous Boys & Girls Club children, one of them a charismatic little girl named Karma. Karma is one of the Club’s most active kids; she is an enthusiastic girl “full of life,” according to Torres, and one who immerses herself in Club activities.

“I want to make my own movies underwater!” Karma happily yells when asked by ReSurf volunteers about what she wants to do when she grows up. She and ReSurf’s founder Oran Bendelstein bonded over a GoPro camera, an item that future cinematographer Karma really made a connection with. She loved running around with Oran during the day and filming her friends swimming and surfing in the ocean.

“The beautiful thing about this girl [Karma] is that she is always happy,” Torres states. “Her whole face is always a smile.”

Torres hopes to work with ReSurf in the near future for another amazing event. “ReSurf coming here and showing that they care about our little town in Rosarito…we felt important,” Torres warmly says. “It built up the kids’ self-esteem tremendously.”

The Club has exciting things ahead and Torres can’t wait. This coming fall from September 30th until October 3rd, Rosarito is holding the 6th Annual Int’l Rosarito Beach Mariachi & Folklórico Festival, a fantastic event which will directly benefit the B&G Club of Rosarito.

For more information on The Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito, check out their website and Facebook page. For how you can get involved and donate to this life-changing organization, click here.

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