ReSurf Israel is a new summer trip in our social service initiative. Our mission is to help underprivileged children all over the world, through surfing! If you are interested in art, film, photography, philanthropy, leadership, travel, and social service, then you’ll be right at home this summer. Our participants engage in equipment collection and repair, film-making to spread awareness, and learn fundraising and campaign skills, through building a local ReSurf surf club that will serve underprivileged children in Israel.

During 3 fun, meaningful, and intense weeks, our participants will help to help build up our established surf clubs in Israel. Through our workshops, onsite visits, and touring, participants will learn and integrate the parallels of social service with our Jewish heritage and culture. You’ll help make the world a better place through Tikkun Ha’olom with a social entrepreneurial twist!

You’ll travel and see Israel through the eyes of the locals and connect to our homeland on a whole new level. As an ambassador of ReSurf, you’ll mentor Israel’s youth on this social entrepreneurship adventure! You’ll learn how to sustainably build and contribute towards those in need through a surf-tour experience. No previous surfing experience is required!

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For 9th -12th grade (co-ed)

Contact: Oran Bendelstein


4 JUL - 26 JUL