SUPERbrand & ReSurf

SUPERbrand & ReSurf

Submitted by ReSurfer, Mike Donohue

The ReSurf team recently returned from a project that took place at Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.  Part of ReSurf’s initiative involved teaching the children of The Boys and Girls Club the fundamentals of how to surf. The team also supplied the club with donated surfboards and gave the kids an opportunity to enhance their skills for many years to come.  SUPERbrand Surfboards and Apparel was generous enough to come down and put some high-quality foam under the kid’s feet and for that we thank them!

SUPERbrand crafts surfboards of the finest quality and develops clothing that is at the forefront of surfing and fashion trends.  Having the support of SUPERbrand at the ReSurf event got us enthusiastic, so we called up Marketing Director Justin Cote to grab his perspective.

“ReSurf is about providing underprivileged children the necessary tools to get stoked on surfing.  All surfers can recall their first few experiences riding waves and that overwhelming feeling of euphoria that came with it.  The more we can spread the gospel of surf the better,” said Justin.

With the help of SUPERbrand, ReSurf was able to pass the stoke of surfing on to the kids of Rosarito Beach.

Our vision at ReSurf is to “positively change the lives of as many children as there are surfboards.” The good people at SUPERbrand helped us accomplish that goal by donating some of their team rider’s surfboards.  Additionally, the SUPERbrand team helped the kids repair those surfboards, ensuring their stability in the long term. They then proceeded to give out free apparel and according to Justin “this was a good opportunity to put some new clothing on some people who could use it.”

The SUPERbrand team hails from San Diego County, which is a quick hop over the border to the tropics of Baja California, Mexico. According to Justin, “the people of SUPERbrand make the trip as often as possible to enjoy the killer waves, awesome food, and great people…” By coming down to the ReSurf event, the individuals at SUPERbrand were able to give back to a community that has given them and so many other people great happiness, through their waves and culture.

The SUPERbrand team was extremely helpful in the ReSurf project in Rosarito Beach become a success. They truly “paid it forward” and got the kids SUPER stoked with the donation of their surfboards and apparel.  Justin added, “We weren’t looking to garner a bunch of exposure or line our pockets with anything. It was just a cool opportunity to go down there, score some waves, help some people out and have a good time.” Thanks to Justin and the people of SUPERbrand for taking the time out to give back to the underprivileged beach community of Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

For more information on SUPERbrand, visit their website and join their Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram pages.

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